How To Get To 100k In Earnings Fast and Never End Up On A PIP As an IC

(even with self-doubt and a fear of cold calls!)

  • ​Why as much as 90% of what you're doing is a complete waste of time. Get the failsafe ​blueprint to success with less stress...
  • How to conquer the doubt, fear and rejection in cold calling and the simple truth no body told you which will set you free.
  • ​How to confidently manage challenging situations and personalities, with customers, your team or manager.
  • How how sell your product effectively and book calls that actually lead to closed sales and commissions for you.
  • ​How to build strong relationships with your manager and leadership team to accelerate promotion and pay rises. ​
  • ​How to leverage data for remarkable results and fine-tune outreach with what only you can access, if you know how...
  • ​How to keep up with the best practices in sales and with your buyer, even with this rapid pace of change in our industry.
  • ​How to avoid being put on a PIP and even worst, being fired...

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James Ski - CEO Sales Confidence

Ranked Top Global Social Seller 3 years in a row. Track record of reach, impact pipeline and sales with online and off-line audiences of 40,000+ people on LinkedIN, TikTok, Instagram.

Expert to CEOs, CRO’s and unicorn clients like Clari, Gong and SalesLoft, and growth clients like Cognism and Databook. SAAS Sales Leader.

Founder of Sales Confidence the leading community, and provider of inclusive, diverse events of 1,500 people for sales professionals.

Regret Costs More Than Transformation

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