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A Community for SaaS Sales Professionals in the UK

Sales Confidence is a growing movement that champions the UK’s SaaS sales leaders and the next generation of SaaS sales talent. A fast-growing community of sales professionals, we love our work, are excited about helping build and grow the digital economy and are passionate about helping young people as they progress through their careers.

Upcoming events

Sales Confidence & Notion Capital – B2B SaaS Sales Leaders Networking Event

15 NOV 2017


Sales Confidence & Notion Capital – B2B SaaS Sales Leaders January Networking Event

24 JAN 2018


Sales Confidence & Notion Capital – B2B SaaS Sales Leaders January Networking Event

21 MAR 2018


Sales Confidence: SaaS Sales Professionals, Founders and VCs Networking Event, sponsored by Notion and Cognism, in collaboration with Tech London Advocates

21 MAR 2018
Location: Sales Force tower

Sales Confidence – London’s SaaS Sales Conference

Europe’s largest community of SaaS sales professionals, founders and VCs come together for a full-day conference in London. Over 1,000 attendees, 50 speakers, workshops and pitches. Book your ticket now.

Harry Maxwell - Savo

Sales Confidence attracts impressively high-quality speakers and attendees. It’s a great way to develop your professional network and learn from the best in the business. I love attending and would encourage all of my peers to do the same!

Pat Traynor - The Dots Global

Insightful speakers and a high quality audience. It’s exactly what London’s SaaS community needed.

Laura Moniz de Aragao - Thompson Reuters

Sales Confidence provides a unique opportunity to network, learn and gain insight from the UK’s SaaS leaders and founders of the future. Whether a sole contributor, sales leader or founder of a growing business, the events I’ve attended cater towards all 3 audiences and it’s incredible to see the collaboration and knowledge sharing in action.

Will Read - Sideways

I’m really excited about the future of Sales Confidence because I got huge amounts of value from the first event. I took away pages of notes with some pieces that we’ve been able to implement already. Hearing from UK based SaaS sales leaders was particularly valuable, and Sales Confidence is one of the only events that offers this.

Ricardo Simard - Momentum

It’s great to see that startups are finally focusing more on generating revenue and not only on who raised the biggest round of investment. I’ve really enjoyed the Sales Confidence events I’ve attended so far as they bring together a group of sales experts and those who want to learn from them. All this helps the whole industry improve by raising the sales performance bar.

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